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I would like to refer to myself as a mature, passionate, masculine, wholesome, sensitive man, who has a sense of style and intelligence about him. Who takes nothing in life for granted. Someone who above all, honours friendship & integrity. I have a strong sense of spirituality, being a seeker for most of my life, a daily meditator, and am very much focused on my own healing. I am passionate about travel especially to Asia,where I have traveled extensively. Other interest include : a passion for good food , movies that make you think and question, good conversation, , walking and being in nature; reading depending if it holds my interest .And last but not least ,music, which feeds and nourishes my soul.

My intention for being on this site is to attract like-minded men preferably around my own age or younger men with maturity , for friendship, to expand my circle of gay friends. I am not closed to the idea of relationship
But for this to happen I would like to be friends first and that you preferably live in my city, Melbourne.

I am attracted to an independent man , who has maturity,a positive can do attitude, is comfortable in his own skin, has some kind of intellect, a sense of self awareness, sensitivity, able to communicate, someone not afraid of confrontation and someone who knows what he wants out of life.

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