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: , LEW, United Kingdom

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Try not to take life too seriously, and am mostly succeeding. Bit of a music nerd with some dodgy goth tendencies. I mix techno for fun, have a passion for the noisy and experimental, but still love a good opera. Sound excites me generally, in a myriad of forms. Masculine, but lets be honest, we all have our moments. Earthy, a bit of a hippy, loving the city but equally as happy climbing trees and jumping in mud. Slightly odd sense of humour with a dark side (make of that what you will.) I drink far too much Tea and am quite tragically in love with my Bicycle.

Art. Punk. Dancing. Philosophy. Photography. Piercing. Tattoos. Stuff. Things.

Far more than I could possibly list here and to be honest, nobody wants to read all that. Hit me up.

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