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I am moving to Louisville for work, and will be officially there in March of 2018.

I would like expand my range of friends and amigos through out the world. Perhaps making good and deep friendships or a boy friend along the way. I have lived in PA, FL and Brasil. Born and bred Jersey Bear here, however...

I prefer someone that I can have a conversation with as well as play in other areas of a relationship. Perfer a young cub, chub or guys with latino roots or some kind of interesting mix: but that is not written in stone. It would nice to have a little help with my spanish and portugese efforts in learning them from whomever I might date or become friends with.

Please guys, be sincere, level headed, mannerly, like films, and by all means like a lot of romance showered upon you. Of course, more to know and shared as time will tell and through the courtship. Thanks, and WOOF till later then.

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