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: Long Beach, CA, United States

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: Single
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I'm scouting for quality guys as friends who want to get out of the house to enjoy the amazing diversity that Southern CA has to offer. I especially like small theater, movies, hike, bike rides, good food, fitness activities, and the occasional ball game. I prefer to be around guys who are comfortable in their own skin, have a positive outlook on life, and who can range from intellectual discussions to downright slap-stick goofiness.

Certified, pro massage therapist specializing in deep tissue bodywork and stretching. Also a yoga teacher, fitness instructor, and ACSM and NASM certified personal trainer focusing on guys over 50 years old. Not here for work, but if you're in the LA/LB/OC area and I can help, please let me know. Vegetarian for 20+ years.

I occasionally model, professionally dance, and appear in Daddy porn. I am HIV negative, although sexually adventurous.

Thx to everyone for their kindness.

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