Hunter, 31 years old


: Bakersfield

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Hello everyone, I am a laid-back, go with the flow and pretty chill guy looking for the same.

To be a little more specific, I'm just looking for truly, decent, genuine people. I really don't have a "type" per se. I mean I am more attracted to some than others... But it changes and varies. It just depends on how I connect with someone.

I am open to whatever. Friends, dates, or just messing around. I think I mainly just want more people in my life. Someone to call every once in a while and check on me. Someone that will invite me to things. And someone to be my plus one as well.

Big horror, sci-fi and fantasy fan. I love anything dark, bloody and terrifying. BUT... I also love anything Disney. Just an uber geek in general.

Also love music and pop culture. My taste is very eclectic... Ranging from Lady Gaga to Metallica... To Carrie Underwood and Slipknot. Love to travel. Also love history, art, museums and the beach. And playing board games.

I do have an annual passport for Disneyland.

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