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OK. This is going to be a little long, so if reading is a chore for you, you can stop here. We won't likely enjoy each other's company. I'm a healthy, active sixty-eight yo recently retired professional guy with a good education, a happy propensity for clever informed conversation. I know how to both ask and answer questions. I am a durable and dedicated parent, a responsible community member, and a valued friend to my friends. I am honest. I don't do drugs. I drink socially. I don't have any communicable diseases. I am single. I love reading and sharing what I read; I am an eclectic reader, good cook, avid gardener. I love film, enjoy seeing and discussing movies. I love theater, am interested in art, treasure museums. I clean up well and can be quite presentable. I love travel, especially exploration and adventure travel. Have been in extended relationships. HERE'S WHAT I"M LOOKING FOR: A single person. An exploration of the possibility for a relationship based on respect, shared interests (some, hopefully not all...I like learning new things), reciprocated sexual attraction and activity, honesty, compassionate kindness, good health, a job that provides for your needs (I am well provided for, thanks), willingness and interest in travel, ambition for a good and caring relationship and willingness to work for that. A person who can talk about and face his own feelings and hear mine. Some courage would be a nice attribute. Have an honest and revealing face photo.

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