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I am getting ready to celebrate a birthday and realized I had not update my profile in years.

Ideally I would love to find an older mature guy that I could spend some good quality time with. I like older guys but do not like the term DADDY since it seems to denotes I am looking for someone to take care or me or that I am out for his money; that is farthest from from the truth. I just want a man to be himself and that loves the company of a guy that is younger. After all, you will reach the end of your prime years first so then you will need to have someone to really take care of you. Meanwhile, we both will be able to take care of each other and share a good life together.

So that's why one of the reasons I am looking for a Daddy. Are there any serious older gentlemen out there that is serious about having a LTR with a YOUNGER nice looking guy? If you are out there let me know.

I am a professional artist and trying to make that transition from working a full time corp job to the world of self employment again. I did it for years while partnered b4 now I wanting seriously to do it again. I have realized I don't work well being someone else's employee.

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