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Locally, looking for a guy to cuddle with, but always down to chat. Very friendly, and eager to please!

If you think you aren't "hot enough" or something to hit me up, you're wrong, do it anyway!

I'm a very empathetic person by nature; I very much feel the enjoyment of the people I'm with. I've recently started to apply that to my romantic relationships, so I really love to make men feel appreciated and valuable. I'm not typically looking for penetrative sex outside a committed relationship, as I find it generally muddles what I'm trying to do, which is make a man feel happy, secure, and valuable while we lay in each others arms. That's the best feeling in the world to me!

Physically the hottest thing to me is a handsome face, any type of face/body hair, and big strong arms (in that order); emotionally I'm attracted to just about everyone I've ever met. Trying to connect emotionally is what fulfills me the most in life.

People often ask me more about my attitudes/motivations so I'll explain a bit more. I have what I guess people would say is an optimistic view of humanity. I truly believe that people are inherently good, and any misbehavior/undesirable conduct is due to trauma that has warped their worldview. With the exception of those afflicted with clinical mental illness, I've never met someone that behaved irrationally in their own worldview. If we feel that something in someone's worldview is destructive and/or needs adjustment, the way to do that is by travelling into their worldview, and expanding it through love and understanding. Very rarely if ever does judgement, scorn, alienation, or anything of that nature actually work to make effective change. I've seen the most reclusive hurtful people gain confidence and trust again, I've seen judgmental bigots turn into selfless, caring people, and always it is because someone reached out with love and understanding.

I find myself often going to the catchphrase: "Ever wonder why everyone you meet is generally reasonable and yet we all seem to believe that everyone we don't know isn't?"

All of us struggle with issues one way or another. That's why I so much enjoy feeling physically and emotionally intimate with people. It allows both parties to feel unburdened, if even for a moment, so they can share each others emotional load. And maybe some other kinds of loads too if the situation is right ;)

If any of this interests you, or if you just want to spin some nice flirting, hit me up! Granted you're probably reading this because I hit you up first ;)

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