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Now that my "free trial" for daddy hunt is over, I'll probably be on here a lot less. I have not found a gay app that is worth the monthly fee it charges. If It were $5.00 a month, I'd pay, but for $15 a month, it's just not worth it to me. So needless to say, I can't see full size pics. If you want to see mine, send me a message with your email address and we can trade.

With that being said------------->

Usually like guys around my own age, but I'll talk to anyone who has a level head on their shoulders.

6'0" 200 lbs. in my late 40's and I'm not ashamed of it. Happy, healthy,------. looking for some good friends at this point..-------

For those who ask, I work for a company that repairs and maintains ATMs, safes, currency counters and other types of banking equipment. It requires outside the box thinking, a strong mechanical and electronic background and unfortunately, a lot of my time. You should know I'm not afraid of using tools and I've come home dirty and greasy on occasion. ;)

I lead a pretty quiet life, other than I travel for work occasionally. I love going to the beach, a beer once in a while, being successful at my career and amusement parks.

Life has come full circle for me. After moving away from Louisville, KY in 1998, I have lived all over the country and in Sydney, Australia (2010-2014). When I returned to the United States I set up my new life in Fort Myers, Florida and was prepared to be happy there until I retire, however, I have accepted a job offer that takes me back to the Bluegrass State. The job offer was just too good to pass up. Looking forward to making some new friends and getting reacquainted with some old ones.

Major turn offs: Narcissistic attitudes, workout schedules in profiles that basically announce how unavailable you are because you're always at the gym, conceitedness, guys who get bent out of shape when you don't answer their messages within 10 seconds of them sending it (i.e. stalkers).

Major Turn ons: Confidence, friendliness, respecting limits, masculinity, country boy mannerisms and politeness and guys who aren't afraid to give and receive big bear hugs with no shirts on. :)

I've been married since 2013, so I'm not looking to set up housekeeping with anyone, but we always looking for friends and we DO play well with others.

Sorry gents, not interested in profiles without face pics. Thanks

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