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: Melbourne, FL, United States

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: Divorced
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Respectful and loyal mister here. Looking for some fun every now and then but more for sure. Into traveling, dining out in fine restaurants, water skiing, jet skiing, fishing and any kind of outdoor activities. Enjoy drinking ice cold beer and a cigar once in a while with a cute down to earth, respectful, honest and loyal guy.
BELOW PLEASE (be aware that this loser that keeps
deleting his profiles or system deletes them on him and
is well-deserved so if those profiles I have mentioned
below are no longer active is because of that):

AS OF 1/3/2017 WATCH OUT FOR PROFILE HVACGUY83. His name is JAMES or JIMMY from Palm Bay. He is a slick and very untrusted SOB and be aware since I am on a mission to update the above, he may call himself something else, will sweet talk his ass away for his scamming games for his own gain. Again, I am on a mission to warn you guys about him so you won't fall for his deceitful games so please be extremely careful.

He's a game player, user and abuser has multiple profiles on many systems even lying about his location, etc to avoid getting caught and fool us - I ALSO think hiding from those he has already scammed and fooled and fishing for more victims - BE CAREFUL PLEASE. It is my understanding that he has a living boyfriend - he calls him his roomie - as well for 3 years now while seeing a friend of mine for 2 1/2 years and was also seeing another guy from Vero Beach that has scammed and my friend found out and has hard evidence. I feel sorry for my friend for the Vero Beac guy and others that have been victimized by this SOB since they are here with good intentions. He has scammed several fellow members on this site, from Silverdaddies, daddydater and I am sure others.

Thanks guys, my mission - just looking out for each other on here someone has to and I am committed to do this, hope you guys specially those 50 and above are appreciated, but I see most are because of their responses and nice comments.

Thank you for reading and for your remarks.

Some may think I am crazy and why I am doing this. Is NOT revenge on my part NOR jealousy (there are other fish in the see, I just need to catch the right one). I am communicating this to avoid anyone else from getting hurt, used and abused by losers like this guy).

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