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: Pompano Beach, FL, United States

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Single & Dating in Manhattan, Hamptons, & Ft. Lauderdale. Masculine, accomplished, selective. 6'0", 160, 30"W, S&P hair, green eyes, versatile, 8" cut. Your unlocked pics with face are required before reply. Communicate your request when you unlock, otherwise I delete as junk email. You will be young, cute, slim or swimmer's build, romantic, mentally stable, versatile with BDE, & able to read with comprehension. I am not attracted to emotionally vacant 'hook-up-sex' skanks. Skip this profile if you are one of them. Promiscuity Addicts who claim a right to marry are Hypocrites.
Delayed response means I am busy.
UNDETECTABLE=UNTRANSMITTABLE: Google "HIV TasP", & "HIV PrEP" to catch up with reality. References:

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