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I wish to thank all the guys who have contacted me on this site over time. I have found the love of my life and will follow life with him exclusively. Wishing you all success in finding such happiness in life!

PLEASE READ and COMPREHEND what I have shared below before contacting me.

Seeking that special younger man (20s to 50) as best friend, companion, confidant, lover, life partner and more to share our mutual interests and explore new ones together. Based on trust, honesty, concern for each other’s wellbeing, open communication and a love for life, this relationship brings joy and contentment. You seek an older/younger combo because it is what makes you happiest…a fact and not a ‘maybe’. Well-groomed, educated, loving, sense of humor, impeccable personal hygiene, personable, single, non-smoker/drugs, healthy and happy, is who I am and need to find in you as well. A young guy in suit and tie is pleasing to my eye. Also a comfy preppy look is really OK in my book!

Living life through the Fine Arts (especially classical music), travel, cooking, reading, model railroading and movies are some of my interests. Also important is that special time cuddled together that is so wonderful at anytime day or night.

You are goal/career oriented and establishing or established in your life’s work, independent in all respects as I am. It is interdependence based on what each of us brings to the other emotionally and physically that adds to the foundation. I am emotionally balanced and physically active as you must be as well. You care for your physical and emotional being…past baggage is gone. Let’s communicate and walk the path to see what we find together. Looking for someone in North America so that time can be physically spent together developing the relationship.

Disclaimer: Sad to say but in these times necessary…No scammers, charlatans, con artists, dishonest fakes, liars or personalities with ‘attitude’. Not interested in hook-ups, short-term flings or ‘experiments’. I have no patience for the aforementioned and quickly find these things out.

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