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Not really good at describing myself, but here we go.....
About me: Older white guy looking for chemistry with a guy. I have spent alot of time getting my life to this point, but forgot about putting much effort to the whole dating, romance and love portion of my life and I am going to try and fix that this year.
I am a total Gemini and have flight of ideas often....as you read further, it will become quite clear.
Also, very old school values and my ethic background is English and German which explains alot about me.....I am reserved and introverted most of the times. Its hard for me to let people in...I would rather have a handful of close friends that I truly trust than 100s of "Facebook friends". On that note..Never have understood why people open up everthing to the world.
I really dont have a filter, so I say what is on my mind both in personal and professional situations. That does mean I am rude just clear on my opinions and feelings....it has worked for me so far so why change.
I have a professional career/job, but have a artistic fun side as well....Gemini remember. Love dance style music...I was a part-time professional club Dj/Vj for over 20 years...it was my fun (hobby) job...I really enjoy that oulet in my life and would do it for free, but too much of a capitalist for that.
I am very low maintenance, but very high maintenance at times (Gemini). I am not concerned with fashion trends, fine dining or the lastest gay trend. Being gay is part of me, but that one part of my life does not define all of me. I am more than just a stereotypical old gay man that likes to go antique shopping...I would rather have my fingernails removed than go antiquing....Speaking of antiques, why would you want to spend that much money on used furniture...just saying.

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