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DO NOT just unlock your private pics and expect me to do the same. Especially if you aren't in my area or there is no chance of us ever getting together to play. send me an email and introduce yourself. You want to get my attention, send me an email and tell me something that your profile doesn't have. (Strangest place you have ever been nude... your biggest fantasy/kinky thing you do or want to do.) You really want to get my attention; send me an email with a pic that is NOT of your cock or ass. Unless you have a dick that can do an amazing trick or your ass looks like Mario Lopez's; I know what these look like. Show me the part of you that I will be dealing with the other 99% of the time. Also; if you don't have a pic in your profile or have one to send with your email; you are wasting your time. I probably will NOT reply to you.

I hate trying to categorize myself in these profiles. All of the "Seeking info" above is just basic guidelines. I know 20 year olds who are mature and have their act together; as well as some 60 year olds that have the maturity of a preteen. It all depends on the person.

Don't really consider myself a Daddy; (Although technically I am old enough to fit that criteria) and I really can't place myself in the Hunter group either. I'm sort of in the middle stage at the moment wondering where and how I fit in.

I am generally a laid back homebody. If there is nothing to do in town that interests me, I will be found either on the computer or in front of the T.V. watching a movie. When the mood strikes me, I go out on the town to see friends; or maybe on a road trip for the hell of it. (I don't have too many of those moods though...I usually just want to strip off naked and get comfortable when I get home from work... (occasionally I have to get naked on the way home from work.) Would LOVE to meet some fellow nudists to hang around the pool with.

I have a major weakness for Asian and Latino men; as well as well-defined bodies. Uncut makes it even better.

Drink very little, and then only if I go out on the town (Only a beer or a glass of wine... anything harder, and I tend to do stupid stuff that I regret the next day.)

HIV neg. (One of my part-time jobs was as an HIV/AIDS educator and Home Health Care worker for 15 years.)

Anything else you want to know; just ask, I am far from being shy. If you have gotten this far in my profile, drop me a short note. I won't bite. I hope to hear from you soon.

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