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Daddy, 57 years old


: Indianapolis, IN, United States

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New to Asheville. Looking for friends, dates, and handsome tour guides

I enjoy hiking, walking my dogs, and being outdoors. I'm into film, theater, and music

I'm perfect. Except for my imperfections. I'm smart but not arrogant. I'm kind but not obsequious. I'm committed to my work but not obsessive. I'm romantic but not silly. I'm a small-town boy who loves the country and the city. I have eclectic interests and a very curious mind. I'm very affectionate and attentive. I want a meaningful, adventurous life but one also filled with simple pleasures. Family and friends (and dogs) mean the most.

I'm seeking someone to walk with me, challenge me, need me, and be needed by me. Kindness, wit, curiosity, and courage are the qualities of my ideal man. I'm looking for someone who can find great contentment walking the dogs in the park and also be thrilled by a great play or concert.

Life's a journey of discovery and service. I can walk that journey alone if need be, but I know it would greatly enhanced by a soulmate.

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