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I guess after my latest online disappointment I need to add a few more things. I'm looking for someone to date. Dating to me means seeing someone more often than once in two weeks, and I want the dating situation to be a two way street. I get tired of always being the one to text or call, and then not getting a reply. I need someone who is as excited about meeting me as I am about meeting him. I feel like there has to be some sort of physical attraction at first or there just isn't any spark to get things going. I do still enjoy sex with someone I'm attracted to, but I am, and always have been a bottom. So if you're versatile sexually, we probably aren't a good match, I'm not versatile and never have been.

I will be 70 on my next birthday, and never thought I'd live this long. I'm in good health still in spite of having Type I Diabetes since I was 12 years old. Fortunately I'm HIV- and have never had an STD. I've been disappointed again in the last month by a good looking younger man with a glowing profile, but who did not begin to live up to it. PLEASE, if you're not serious, or if you aren't attracted to me, just tell me and I'll leave you alone and I won't ask you out. There has to be a mutual interest or nothing works. I'm looking for someone interested in dating and getting to know each other enough to find out if we might be a match. And to me that means more than just one date with each other. I'm no longer interested in hookups without at least a date somewhere first. I am active in the classic car community here, and enjoy cars a lot. I also enjoy movies, the film festivals here in Palm Springs, I'm fortunate enough to travel a couple times a year, I love going to dinner and cocktails with friends, and enjoy Sunday brunch with friends, usually at 360. I love my dog and my cat, so if you are allergic to either then we won't be a match, because I won't give up either one of them. I'm a animal lover, and these two are my kids! I do also believe there has to be some kind of physical attraction for both of us, or there can't be that necessary spark to get things going. I was born a sexual bottom, so I need a top man. I want it all....love, companionship, sex, and the white picket fence. I'm hoping I can find that again with someone. If you know the Fox's secret from The Little Prince, maybe we will get along well.

Please be in the Palm Springs area, and please, if you are a soldier stationed in Af[filtered country]stan, contact me after you are here. If you are a fake profile, please don't contact me. I can view all the fake photos I need to elsewhere online. I want someone who is available to date.

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