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I guess after my latest online disappointment I need to add a few more things. I'm looking for someone to date. Dating to me means seeing someone more often than once in two weeks, and I want the dating situation to be a two way street. I get tired of always being the one to text or call, and then not getting a reply. I need someone who is as excited about meeting me as I am about meeting him. I feel like there has to be some sort of physical attraction at first or there just isn't any spark to get things going. I do still enjoy sex with someone I'm attracted to, but I am, and always have been a bottom. So if you're versatile sexually, we probably aren't a good match, I'm not versatile and never have been.

I'm OLD. I'm 69, and I am far from a perfect speciman. I want someone who is willing to communicate his feelings with me. I'm reasonably good looking, in reasonably good shape, I'm looking to date, and if the stars align, a LTR and marriage. I believe in meeting very quickly just to see if there is a mutual attraction. If there is, then the sky is the limit, especially if you know the Fox's secret from The Little Prince. I do read profiles, and if I am not in your listed preferred age range I will not contact you. I'm always surprised by guys who come on strong and then they come up with some excuse and don't show up for a date. I am honest and do what I say I will do. I'd like to meet someone who believes in the same behavior.

Please be in the Palm Springs area, and please, if you are a soldier stationed in Af[filtered country]stan, contact me after you are here. If you are a fake profile, please don't contact me. I can view all the fake photos I need to elsewhere online. I want someone who is available to date.

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