Mister, 38 years old


: New York, NY, United States

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: Single
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I'm A pretty laid back,healthy,sexual,hard packed New York type of Guy! I enjoy lots of Sports,Gym,and all types of Men.I am partial to other Latins,but I never restrict myself.As a Top,I've had great sex with Bottoms and enjoy the long Work-up ! I enjoy the Chat so Holler,if You Like!
Enjoy!!! Oh if you can take time to send a grope,you can say Hi!
And from the Sounds of Things, I'm a Mister, Hunter...lol

For those Guy's who want me to be there BOY...Let it Pass!
And I'm grateful to all the Guy's who treat me well!
I have a Great Cock and Ass, and prefer a Guy who Flips!

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