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: Las Vegas, NV, United States

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I am in Las Vegas, for some odd reason it says I'm in another country to some people. (Be in NYC from 11/6-11/15)

Born in Laguna Beach, CA but grew up in Vegas, been here about 20 years now. College grad and work full time. When I'm not working you can find me at the gym, movies with friends, or at a bookstore. Very laid back and not into the club scene at all. Have always dated older men so I have a very mature aura about me.

Into men who are exactly that: MEN. Nothing against feminine men it's just not my preference. Older, masculine, athletic, honest, down to earth, not into the gay life style. Other then that I'm open. All races, religions and cultures.
Most importantly just be real. I'm a relationship kinda of guy, i know how to take care of the man im with and enjoy doing it. I was taught to make sure the household and the man inside is taken care of.

Extremely sexual and want to satisfy the man i'm with constantly. Been told im pretty amazing at oral.

I'm an open book, any questions dont hesitate to ask.

Location isn't an issue for me and it shouldn't be for you either. Thats why they invented planes lol. Relocating for the right person is always an option. Visiting is also fun

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