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: Oakland, CA, United States

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I no longer use DaddyHunt because we now have to pay to see who our visits are. Contact me on A4A, Badoo or Planet Romeo.

I am not interested in other daddies! if you are over 45, I am not for you!

I am attracted to Black men or Pacific Islanders. Never date white guys, especially from Seattle! I'm a right brain, holistic-thinking kind of guy. Alpha males are intriguing to me but lose their appeal pretty fast when they go into control mode.

I am a cool, mentoring, patient kind of guy who can help younger guys deal with their coming-out issues. But, I want a boyfriend whom I can do stuff with and isn't just taker.

POZ-positive is a plus along with people who take care of themselves or at least know they need support taking care of themselves. We all need nurturing.

I like my men a little rough around the edges so you don't have to be a college grad or work at a Fortune 500 company. Just be reliable! I have cats. I drive old Jags (again, a little rough around the edges but reliable) and work on them. 
I do Macs (again, reliable) and don't do PCs. I used to be a school teacher but I stopped after 24 years. I take A LOT of pictures and it preoccupies my life.

I'm exploring the possibilities for a LTR but I'm not looking for the perfect person if there is such a thing because I'm not. I'm just looking for a supportive, positive person.

I can generally carry on a conversation on a wide range of subjects and most people consider me "smart" and "talented" whatever that means. But, hey! I graduated from college (a few times) so what do you expect? My favorite subjects are cars, cats, photography (cameras) or computers (the 4 "C"s) But I generally lose people when the subjects of come up unless you're already "there." I'm quite opinionated, I've been told...

I'm including another picture of my cat so as to repel the cat haters. Hint: the cat is a litmus test for any LTR. I am pretty "out there" so, if you are so closeted that you don't have a picture with your face in your profile or only have "private" pictures, you're probably not for me. Out of the closet guys who have good self esteem step to the front of the line!

What matters is what you can bring to the party (and what *I* can bring to the party). Value added. That's what my relationship is going to be about. The sum of the whole should be greater than the parts. Right?

I like being invited to do stuff and I like to invite others to do stuff. It’s a drag when I do and the other person is always “busy” or flakes out at the last minute. I like people who are mature enough to make and KEEP their agreements.

I'm a relentless non-self promoter so you'll probably have to make the first move. I'm not an alpha male after all...

I'm a daddy so I don't date other daddies.

I like mentoring others to the extent I can and am open to a little mentoring myself. Think you are up to it?

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