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Please read (looking for ages 28 and up

Just a chill curious guy passing by and checking things out from here. What I'm looking for is just chatting, fun and if any chance maybe a relationship here. I'm into a bit of older guys.

Not looking for old grandpas or young skinny guys, but a decent top verse muscular bear type of guy. Silver daddies, coaches or black beard trimmed is a ++ but anything else is fine. Into Dad/Don role-play a bit.

Now the important part. Like I said looking for 28 and up IF YOU DONT HAVE A FACE PIC OR NOT MAKE A DECENT CONVERSATION, I'll jut delete message. If you offer money or unlock pictures because you're horny I'll also delete message.

I know writing this seems a bit rude but it's just a preference, to all the guys who compliment me, thanks! If I don't reply, it means I'm not interested sorry

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