Hunter, 59 years old


: Los Angeles, CA, United States

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: Single
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V-6, auto., PS, PB, 6 speaker audio-good tires--

Ok, Ok,-- I am not good at selling myself- but here goes-- I am a nice guy, like to have fun, easy going, can be reserved-- but no "stick in the mud". I've been told I'm funny,cute, handsome,, fun etc.-, and very few complaint's in the bedroom-,-but all those adjective's are in the eye of the beholder.

I am your average red blooded American guy next door--I have a job, a car, a place of my own. I go to the gym regularly, like to hang out with my friends, like going out to eat, the movies, live theatre, concerts. Want to know anything else-- ask---

C'mon--- take me for a test drive--

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