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I'm a dominant bear who enjoys the company of my four 'boys, ages 24 through 42, who consider me their Master, Owner and Daddy, and who consider each other brothers. Every man and every boy is different and I approach each individual for their unique attributes. I've lived a lot in this life and have much to draw on as a mentor. Being a Daddy comes naturally. And, I can spot the guys who merely role pretend at being a daddy's boy pretty easily. So, be honest. Be real. We can sort out the details as long it starts with actual, reality based and genuine foundations.

I'm looking for companionship, but I'm always on the lookout for a special guy. I like establishing a rapport and building on it with repeated visits, each time learning new stuff about how each other work, react and get where ever it is we're headed. If a something substantial develops, who am I to say no to a good thing?

Safe sex only unless we become monogamous and prove it's low risk with repeated testing and then only with full discussion. I'm HIV negative, aim to say that way. I take my boy's safety and well being as *the* first priority.

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