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: Hilo, HI, United States

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: Widowed
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Widowed after a 30 year love affair that took us from a great life in Japan to one of a more sedate nature here in Hawaii (on the Big Island). Years later I still miss Kazumi but need to find someone who can be as important a part of my life as he was. Am a professional published writer about arts mainly but have been seriously working on memoir vignettes that could collectively find themselves in a couple of books down the road. Have been everything from a rent boy (@ 14) in Paris one summer with my first lover (a 15 year old Thai boy from school) to a TV show host and weekly columnist for vernacular newspaper in Tokyo. Everything and anything in between with a lot of great memories and phenomenal sex along the ride. Have aged well(?) but my heart and head are where it's at these days. I don't know your motives, your aspirations, your past, your personality, your work life, or your family or friends. I'd love to know these details about anyone, friend or otherwise, but if your only motive is sex, I don't want to waste your nor my time. BTW - I have a STI, so don't talk to me if you're really scared about it without asking for details and knowing enough to make an informed choice. Still interested? I hope so!

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