Daddy, 71 years old


: Huntington Beach, CA, United States

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: Married
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im an older guy but in decent shape... not looking for a relationship...but rather a weekday daytime playmate ... mutual fun. Nice to read profiles that are honest about who, what, and how they are. But, some are fun to read... like rhe ones that say that they are fit and 55 with pics that look like they are 75, 50# over weight and looking for slim bottoms between 18 and 23 for a LTR. We all do have the right to dream, right? :>) I wonder how they determine some of those age ranges... 18 to 23... where did that come from? Would they chase someone 24 away? Always curious about the "undetectable HIV status" if it is not detectable, how do they know they have it? Must be a medical term I have not heard of.

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