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Hey Guys,if you are reading this,it's because you have seen something that I typed in a chatroom,an email or you have seen something about my screen name that may interest you and want to know more about me.Regardless of the reason, I want to thank you for visiting my profile and I would request that you withold any judgement of me good or bad until you get to know me.For starters I work nights and for some reason I can't get the Mister app so if you contact me anytime between 9pm -9am,I will not be able to reply so don't think I am ignoring you.The reason for the long profile information is because with a small minority of guys in here( the majority of guys in here are quite pleasant)I get asked so many questions that I sometimes feel more like I am in a job interview instead of just trying to chat or get to know someone better.This way guys can read this,that is of course if some of them can spare some of their "precious" time to actually read it,and they will have a very good idea about what I like,what I am looking for and some info about me and if you need to know more,feel free to ask.To some this may sound like I am being harsh,but I am sure most guys can relate to what I am trying to say here.Anyways here is my info.I am a 51 year old big burly bear type male living in Manchester NH.I am 6' 290 lbs brown hair hazel eyes and 6" cut.I am considered by those that know me as funny,mild mannered and easy going.I love sports Mainly the Pats and Sox working out,music, movies and I am also 420 friendly from time to time.I will eventually would love to find a guy to settle down with,but until then,I am looking for younger guys to get in touch with for fun.I am into the younger submissive smooth jock types between the ages of 20-35.I also understand that not many of the younger jock types are into the bear types but that is what I am looking for.For some that may comment rudely about the pic(s) in my profile,at least I have "A PIC" in my profile and I may not look like a model or a movie star, but the pics in my profile are mine and not someone else's.I also want to state that this is not a reflection on the other types,it is just a personal preference of mine. I am still looking for someone who is actually sincere about getting to know me and then possibly getting together,For those that ask what i like doing,I am versatile ,but I do prefer top,body contact,kissing masssage,69 rimming if the guy is real clean.I understand that not all guys like doing the same things sexually so if doing some of these other things make the other guy uncomfortable,he will need to let me know. I am also open to other things sexually as long as it does not get too extreme so please do not hesitate to ask me.If you are in the New Hampshire area, I can host or travel depending on the time of day and distance.I have no cock or nude pics to send nor will I expect you to send me any.I am very Masculine and discreet and for the most part looking for the same.I think this should pretty much answers some of the questions that you may have.Should you have any other things that you want/need to know,feel free to ask.If interested,feel free to send me an email, .I look forward to hearing from you.If you are not interested,no hard feelings .It's all good.Either way,I want to wish all of you good luck in your searches.Happy hunting!!!

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