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Taking a break from all this... Too many flakes and no-shows.

Kinky guy in east San Jose.

I'm now involved with the man of my dreams, who is the total package of brains, heart, body, looks, and sexy. Not much interested in much beyond him.

I like (and please note, all of these are NOT required): Bondage, Cock and Ball Torture, Tit Torture, Flogging, Electrical play, Light ass-play, Mummification, Wax, Clothespins, Wrestling, Athletic gear, and more... Kissing is a major turn-on.

My tastes run _very_ strongly to men with facial hair...i.e. it's pretty much a requirement, unless you have a truly exceptional body and/or an extraordinarily handsome face. There's just something about a mustache, goatee, or beard that is just a huge turn-on for me....I've no idea why, it's just the way I'm wired.

This is a complicated dance we do. . . . most of the time, I enjoy leading. What I really get off on is giving guys what they want. . . . so my style of Topping is to find out what really carbonates your hormones, and then try to do that as long as it works for me too. I enjoy doing a lot of different things. . . . it makes sense for me to do to you what really gets you off. You'll find I'm easy-going during the negotiation process, but once the scene starts, it can be a different story. :)

I'm 29 years clean-and-sober. No PNP, thanks. I find drugs interfere with the connection I'm trying to have with you, and also causes dangerous situations because you are distorting the messages your body is trying to send you (which means you are distorting what you are conveying to me, and that could be dangerous).

No offense, but please don't contact me unless you have a face pic in your profile, or include it in your message. There are too many great men out there (and far too little time) to spend on faceless people. Body shots are fun, but I'm less interested in your dick or your ass than I am in your face, because that's what I'll be looking at until I gag, blindfold, or hood you. A nice dick is. . . . nice. A hot mustache or really pretty blue eyes is what makes me cream in my jeans. And if you are so closeted that you can't put a face pic somewhere in this site, then we aren't a good match. You don't have to march in Pride parades (although I have, going up Market St in SF in full Leather, to the surprise of some of my coworkers), but if no one can know you're gay, I'm just not up to the level of lying needed to sustain that illusion.

While I understand the need for privacy, at some point if we meet up to play I'm going to have to see what you look like, because I can't Top you while _I'm_ blindfolded!

Although BDSM is the primary way I express my sexuality, it isn't the only way. I quite enjoy regular sucking and fucking, too. And for me, the part of the scene _after_ I beat you, flog you, or do whatever else you want, the part when we are just lying together with your head on my shoulder, relaxing and enjoying the bond between us, tired but happy, is usually the best part of all.

I do actually have a brain outside of the Dungeon or playroom. I went back to school at 41 and finished my long-neglected Bachelor's degree, then got a Master's degree, and was going part-time for a Ph.D. until family obligations intervened, all in technology-related fields.

I used to work doing special effects in movies, and still enjoy movies, reading, sci-fi and mysteries.

I'm looking for real connections. Have a wonderful man in my life whom I love, but it's complicated. There's still a place in my life for an honest, open man.

If you're interested, drop me a note.

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