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I want to date with the ultimate goal of having a ltr with that one special guy.

I do have a thing for tall men - but it is just a preference not a requirement

- I'm in shape, intelligent, well travelled.

- I have done some amazing things in my life, met some amazing people and been in some amazing places - and I know that that this will continue for the rest of my life. I pride myself on being genuine and polite to those who give me the same energy I give to them.

- I believe that it is important to be true to who you are at all

- I believe that while I LOVE sex, I am so much more than

- I believe in monogamy and as hard as it might to stay true
to just one guy ... I can tell you how hard it is without it.

- I believe in communication - if nothings wrong then why are
you behaving this way?

- I believe in honesty - and there is always a nice way to tell
the truth

- I believe in respect - what you give is what you'll get in

- I believe in trust - it's implied automatically - it takes one
moment to lose it - it takes a lifetime to get it back.

- I believe in loyalty - I will always have your back - you
should always have mine.

- I believe in compromise - there is more than one way to get
things done

- I believe in the favor bank - the more deposits you make -
the more withdraws you get.

- I do not believe in paying for the sins of other - I'm sorry that happen but it was not my fault.

Tall Men step to the front - black, white, Latin, and all others. Please make sure your game is on point as I have the energy of a young dude with the stamina of a mature man and accomplish anything I set my mind to.

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