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: Kissimmee, FL, United States

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Former New Yorker, Artist, near DISNEY!Enjoy Arts and Crafts more than Sports!
Artist, Sculpt,etc..Very into Old MUSCLE CARS more than muscle men!

CHUBBY BOTTOM, POZ UNDETECTABLE man...not being insecure, If that scares you, move on.. saves your time and mine! BUT You'll miss out on many good points....
1) A comment is just A COMPLIMENT, ACCEPT IT AS THAT !
2) Come on you 'TELL YOU LATER' guys.. write BOTTOM.. BE Proud put your Position, VERSATILE,and TELL YOU LATER 99 % of time,boils down to BOTTOM! LOL!
3) Seems gay men have more demands than a woman with PMS!! LOL!
4) Newest scam..guys stating in Military!! Shame on your disrespect
..That said: MORE RANTS:
1)Assertive, masculine DADDY Bear TYPE really 74 Year old- New 'Yawker".. So don't need BS..if I'm Not your type Don't think you have to lead me on with unfulfilled Promises! LOL!

2)If someone is addicted to pumping Iron pass me by!

3)MISTER APP, no need to block a comment.. Old guys like me got the freedom YOU enjoy!!
4)Bottom now though if I rim a clean butt and drain a nice pecker, Can let my little endowment Enter! Slow to shoot ..but can pump away!
5) HEALTHY,HIV+, CLEAN(some correalate HIV as not being clean)
6) I have no photos of my BODY PARTS, like to see yours!!! 99.9 % Oral bottom,like to give Oral. Do like a times!For the versatile, I like to rim, hang on to your nips, can use toys.. LOL!. Fun loving , great sense of humor. HARD To believe after that intro..

7)I actually am into dining out with friends, a date, like to paint, do museums. Not a great fan of exercise, but trying to get in shape.. I'm a music , dance, arts, crafts ,DIY decorating fan.. I AM NOT FOR CYBER SEX.. I appreciate a nice chat or compliment though..Take care CIAO,

8) I can be a friend..but don't do SEX talk that isn't going anywhere! A friend is just that a friend!
Ever notice how many here say they want a friend but must even have a friend type! What does age, shape or size have to do with FRIENDSHIP?? LOL!

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