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: Chicago, IL, United States

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Thanks for checking out my profile. I feel that my friends would say that I am a great guy and a good man because I am genuine, respectful, honest, responsible and love to laugh.
This site is only one venue to meet other guys. I know that there are younger guys who really want the company of older guys and that's why I belong to this site. I am not interested in meeting men who are "for hire".

I consider myself as a very lucky man. I try everyday to keep physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually healthy. This takes a lot of work, but I've learned and believe that I am the one responsible for me.

I have great friends and I consider them the "Family that I choose for myself." As far as activities and interests, I am very eclectic--sports, the arts, travel, and social interactions make life so interesting. I love to scuba dive, and also enjoy snow skiing.

I love Chicago, and plan to always keep a residence here. I currently am single. Yes, it would be great to meet the love of my life, but I only take one step at a time. I believe that life is a journey and you never know where you will meet a new friend or date. I am from the school of thought that I must be happy with myself and that if I met someone special, that would be frosting on the cake. If I don't, I believe that my life will continue to be a great experience. and I do not want to be in a relationship just to be in a relationship. Good things take time. I believe that the person I would spend my life with will become one of my best friends, and will enjoy joining my circle of friends, and vice versa. I look forward to making new friends also. Of course I like an attractive man, but what really counts are honesty, respect, trust, joy, honor, peace and love.(You can surely see that the 60s were my formative years). I do like younger men, but it is the person and the chemistry that makes things "click".
If you have any questions, please ask.

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