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Homosexuality is wrong and we all damn well know it and need to start working to quit this destructive addiction.

If you agree with that statement and would like to have a partner with whom you can grow a lifelong dedicated relationship while helping one another move away from the lust and sex, and you are 5'10'' or under, less than 180 pounds, under 43, asian, native american or white with straight dark brown or black hair, very little or no body hair, hard drug and disease free, have old fashioned religious morals and dislike modern society and enjoy living in the woods, camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, survivalism, prepping, bushcraft, minimalism, self-sufficiency, bicycles, bushido, japanese culture, reading, writing and or drawing, non-rap non-pop country non-"alternative" music, wine and 420, unalienable rights, simplicity, nature, loyalty, morals, empathy, mercy, charity, hate "political correctness" and would love to live with your Dominant chubby Daddy out in the woods, carrying all you own on your back and riding bicycles from place to place, then you and I might be "soulmates".

I know it's unusual and most will not want it, but this, and only this, is what I am seeking.

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