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About is a SINGLE, hairy-chested, irish-italian TOP/DADDY who seeks bottoms with a boyish quality for dating, and possibly an LTR. I am neither 'HUNTER' nor 'boy'. I am ALL DADDY, all the time. I can appreciate a sturdy build and chest hair sometimes, it always depends on the guy. Older, bearish or chubbish guys, however, are not to my particular taste. I am most attracted to slender to medium build guys, from early their 20's to early 40's. I am often asked, 'you are stocky, hairy, 'older', why is it is you don't find other stocky, hairy, 'older' guys appealing?" To me that is akin to asking, "why don't you find women attractive?" The answer, because I don't. Nothing wrong with older-looking, stocky, hairy guys or women, just not my thing. It seems bizarre to me that people challenge others on to what or to whom they are attracted. I am open to everything from friendships, to fuckbuddies, to a serious relationship. In bed I am a total top, who enjoys everything from mild to wild and everything from sensual to rough. Outside the bedroom, I am a military officer, I enjoy a good baseball game, a quality beer and a big steak. Any interested Hunters should like kissing, body contact, sucking dick/getting sucked, rimming/getting rimmed, and getting fucked (safely, of course). I like a boy who is comfortable calling me 'daddy' or 'sir' in the bedroom and who is an equal outside of it. The ideal 'boy' is eager to please and very submissive, but who trusts me to make sure he has just as good a time when we are naked as I am having. I like to enjoy your body, how it tastes, feels, and smells.

I take what people write in their profiles seriously. So, if I take a look at your profile and I don't send you a message, it might not be that I don't find you appealing. Rather, it might be that I didn't see anything in your profile indicating that I might be someone in which you'd be interested. So, if I am wrong, and I might be in your 'wheelhouse', send me a message.

You can reach me at: toppist01 at yahoo dot com.

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