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Seeking GBM. Hi, I'm Bill. I'm looking for an African-American man for dating, with the eventual goal of a monogamous long-term relationship. (I don't think of myself as either a hunter or a daddy, and I'm not looking for a particular type either, just someone compatible in my general age bracket.)

I have a lot of interests, including antique cars (I belong to the Lambda Car Club) and architecture, especially historic preservation. I enjoy singing, genealogy, German language & culture, travel, all the arts, & "cultural stuff" in general.

The qualities I value include kindness, empathy, responsibility, truthfulness, courtesy & consideration, reasonableness, a good work ethic, a good sense of humor, the ablility to laugh at one's self, being well-organized, rationality, and good nature, and AFFECTION. (I think I can offer these to someone as well.) A masculine man with a sensitive side really trips my trigger!

Note: I have been hiv-positive for over 20 years, and am in pretty good health. I am now retired after working 31 years as a chemist, and have good health care. If I've piqued your curiosity, I can also be contacted at wksteiner at aol.

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