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Single, stable, gainfully employed, and live alone. Interested in dating, courting, and a LTR. Boating, boomerangs, cars, .edu, film noir, home improvement, kiting, NPR, NYT, PhD, scuba.

Gentlemen if you are headless, faceless, closeted, discreet, or DL due to your career, your family, your self esteem, your ex, etc. please pass me by; I am not in hiding, and I prefer to communicate with like minded men.

To all the Daddies out there:

If you are over 50 and were ever any kind of out gay activist I humbly thank you. In your own time, and in your own small way, you made the future possible for my generation and those that will follow. Our place in the world has changed radically over the last forty years, and you are part of the reason why. Most of you who did the heavy lifting are long gone and beyond these words... Indeed, too often in life, we find ourselves saying 'thank you' to statues, ghosts, and memories of the departed. I want to say Thank You to the living, breathing men and women who opened the door to the future for us. Posterity owes your generation more than we can ever repay.

Thank you!
Thank you!!
Thank you!!!

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