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: Fort Myers, FL, United States

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I'm a youthful, fun-loving, passionate retired guy looking for a mature, masculine, attractive man—of any age or ethnicity— who can keep up with me.

I'm a pleaser by nature: oral and versatile. Love romance: kissing, cuddling. I have been told I have way too much testosterone. Trust me, in a gay relationship/hook-up, that can be a good thing, There are preconceptions about age and sex. None of those stereo-types applies to me. Let's chat and Ill explain.

I'm not possessive nor am I the jealous type. Drama free. I enjoy people and believe what you put out to the world comes back to you. Call it Karma; I believe it! I have no time for negativity or gloom & doom—there is already too much of that in the world. I enjoy strong, optimistic, independent people. And I agree with the adage; you are judged by the company you keep.

I am active politically. Core values are important to me, so I cannot imagine dating someone who does not share a basic belief in equal rights, as well as economic and social justice, for all.

I am open to LTR if that were to happen, but don't need a partner to feel complete or whole. However, it would be nice to share life's ups and downs with someone I loved and who loved me back.

I enjoy sking, skating, the mountains, the theater, art and music. I sing in Harmony, Denver's GLBTS mixed chorus. When not in Denver— my base— I enjoy R&R in Dillon, CO and Ft. Myers, Florida. Would be fun to share these with someone special.

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