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: Arlington

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I am a hopeful romantic and willing to give 100% to the right person. Willing to fight for the person that would also fight for me...I am a traveling nurse, so, nothing is impossible. I am not into hookups! So I am sorry..but get a whore! Not me.

- The best nurse and massage therapist all in one, a doctor in the making (MY PATIENTS)
- Warfreak! Always ruin our medical notes and our medicines! He is always calling and asking the possible side effects and contraindications!!! ( Emergency doctors)
- The best in bed making ( My ex.) I am the nurse, so i always clean our bed..naughty minds!
- A mixed breed ( half Chinese and half Spanish), like German labrador (German shepherd and Labrador mix)- verbalized by my Mother and father
- Broken yet always rising from the ashes- Pastor toby
-Great ass! (My female dog CHUBBY who always smells my ass when i am asleep).ugh!
- Silent but deadly ( Jet Li's cousin- lol)

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