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: Seattle, WA, United States

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Me, a cut to the chase, 58 yo, safe-player looking for frisky and friendly. Non-smokers, please. Versatile, into lots of stuff but prefer to top and naturally dominant. Happy to be your daddy. Love making out, body contact, kissing, nip play. Into natural smelling men. Colognes and tobacco spoil it.

Love ‘em furry. Love facial hair. But don't let that stop you from contacting me. I have a soft spot (actually a hard spot) for submissive-leaning bottom boys and men.

Sorry, I CAN'T HOST. But always willing to travel or meet up at places like the Z. And I'm usually only available during the weekday, daytime hours. A deal-breaker for many of you, I know.

If you "parTy" (PnP) we're not a good match. I tend to be turned off by guys who use poppers too much: guys who make love to the bottle more than to the man. If you are not sure this describes you, we're probably not a match.

Let's discuss sexual health strategy.

I'm into reality, UB2.

Signs that someone has taken time to read my profile is a huge turn on. I tend to quickly lose interest with anyone else, as well as guys who are determined not to show their faces. I'm just funny that way.

Now that's out of the way, let the fun begin!

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