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Nice guy with good values, intelligence, and concern for others wants to meet other similar guys, nearby or not, for friendship or acquaintance. If more develops with someone, then all the better. I like sex, a great deal, but know that there is more to interacting with another man than just sex. Good conversation can be a fine place to begin or even to stay. What matters is the quality of the interaction between two men, at whatever level.

Married or otherwise partnered men are welcome as friends or acquaintances, but not as sexual partners. The fleeting benefits do not outweigh the complications.

Interests (among many): friendship, books and ideas, classical music, good conversation, food, art, theater, movies, computers and the Net.

A reply in basic Standard English would be nice. If English is not your native language, then write as you can. Your message will be doubly appreciated.

Please write more than “Hey.” or “Hello there.” in an initial message. A SINGLE WORD OR SHORT PHRASE INITIAL MESSAGE ENDS THE CONVERSATION. You can do better than that. ;-)

Proselytizing Christians who also happen to be gay, please do not contact me. This cultural Anglican/Episcopalian is very happy in his modus vivendi.

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