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I want to say thank you for visiting my profile and taking the time out of your day to learn more about me :-)I'm a floridian guy who recently relocated to the Los Angeles area from FL. (thank goodness! hah).
So, how am I supposed to show you who I am in a few sentences? In a nutshell, if you watched and were moved by the film "Before Sunset" with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, you will understand how I think and the way I view the possibilities of love and true connection...I'm a sincere, quick-witted, and [reportedly] smart guy seeking a friendship (and hopefully more) with a man who is stimulating, kind-hearted and possesses a youthful spirit.
Having been in a long term relationship in the past, I am looking to find new friends to spend some time with. Life on my own is fine; life with others is better. I'm open to all sorts of possibilities for relationships, as long as the connection is there. So, your age is less of an issue than your values and substance as a person. Just be curious--intellectually, emotionally, and about the experiences and lives of others. I am also not limiting myself to a particular type when it comes to meeting quality people. Widen the net, not narrow it as my grandma would always say!
And if you have kids (from any type of previous relationship), I view that as a plus. I've been just about everyone's Uncle for so long that I understand sacrifices that should and need to be made for the younger generation. I'm all in!
If you are the type of person who is unafraid to help an old lady reach something on a high shelf in a supermarket or to pick up a baby's rattle if it falls on the ground while you're walking by, you are MY type of person....In short, be kind, be thoughtful, be sensitive (but stable!), be humorous...but moreover, be a person who understands that while your passions matter, so do the needs, aspirations and passions of others matters too.

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