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I've always been kind of the shy type, but that's changing in recent years. It's been really fun to start developing into the kind of person I want to be, rather than sitting back and letting opportunities pass me by. That said, I still get a bit quiet sometimes, so you might just have to coax it out of me every now and then! I'm sure you'll think of something… ;)

Never been much into sports since my awful Little League days, so if you're looking for someone to sit on the couch with and watch the game, you can probably count on me occupying myself with a book or your hands. Yeah, I admit it, I'm the touchy type! Giving shoulder rubs, stealing pecks on the cheek, and just generally loving on a guy are all symptoms of it. If you can stand my affectionate nuzzlings every once in a while, we'll get along just fine!

Finally, I am a man quick to love, and have plenty of it to share! I'll often find that one special thing about a guy and it'll make me want to protect and take care of him! Even for men where there may not be a romantic attraction, this feeling usually makes our friendships very intense, so if you want to be my friend, be prepared for me to love and dote on you as often as I possibly can!

When it comes to men, I prefer guys that "look their age." I like an older gentleman that's average in size, usually. A natural physique turns me on like no other! Few extra pounds? No problem! In looks, I'm really seeking out that fatherly/grandfatherly type of guy; the one with a twinkle in his eye and a knowing, loving smile! Still, as time goes on, I'm finding myself interested in a larger variety of men, so if you like what you see, let me know! You never know what might spring up!

Having said that, a face pic is pretty much a must. You can tell so much by a person's eyes, or their smile. I know it can sometimes be scary to share your identity with someone else, or you may be afraid that you're not "handsome" enough, or any of the other insecure feelings we all sometimes have. But please, give me a chance! While you may not see an adorable guy staring back at you in the mirror, I may just think you're handsome as Hell! And if privacy is a concern, you can always send one to my e-mail.

Thanks to all these wonderful dating sites for mature men and the guys that adore them, I found the love of my life five years ago, and we recently got married in New York! But don't let that stop you from contacting me. Our relationship is as "open" as we are comfortable with, and because of our great connection, we don't begrudge one another a sexy fling here and there if we're safe and honest! And we always are, so I hope you'll be comfortable with that! I (and we) are always open to any questions you might have, and we've helped a few couples begin to explore opening their relationship in a safe environment with us. So, single or partnered, say hi and let's see what happens!

I know that's a lot to read, but I figure, if you're truly interested, a few minutes out of your life will be worth it, right? So…
• If you're single (or partnered!) and want a friend (or two!) just to chat with, hang out with, or travel with, then say hi!
• If you're just a guy looking for a hot time with a caring young man, send me a message!
• If you're an older/younger couple looking for two cute men to do some bedroom gymnastics with, drop us a line!

I love to hear from EVERYONE! You never know what a friendly message could be the start of, so write, write, write!


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