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Daddy, 72 years old


: Oakland, CA, United States

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Big Dicked Daddy loves guys with talented throats on their knees sucking my cock. If you want to swallow a fat prick and take a load, drop me a line. Make sure to include your email address. If you're passing thru Oakland I'm just over the hill from the Oakland Zoo. Appreciate all the gropes but don't usually have time to respond to them.....Hairy, hung, bearded cocksucking men to the front of the line!

Lots of cocksuckers want to suck off 2 or more hung men. They're always asking if I have a buddy who can come over and share their throat cunts. All the guys I see seem to be cocksuckers, what's up with that? So if there are any local Hairy, hung, bearded men who are total tops or hot versatile and want to take turns fucking a mouth pussy please hmu.

If you don't want my peaches, don't shake my tree.

I don't casually fuck so you won't be getting this big prick up your hot little hole.

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