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: Los Alamitos, CA, United States

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Looking for Hairy Sexy Dads , as well as Handsome Horny Hunters, and Masculine horny men for playing. I really like a wide range of men and many types. Beards, goatees, mustaches, facial hair, and furry bodies and butts are a big turn on. Clean cut face with a hairy body is also very sexy to me. Like men hairy with untrimmed cock and balls, furry arms, legs, butts. Like To be naked and play with another man out in nature. I love the mountains, forests, ocean, rivers, and streams. I have lots of hobbies and i like to stay fit and stay creative. You'll find me....when i'm not working.. in the Garden or hiking or rollerblading''.. making my own Music or Painting. I like other guys who have hobbies and enjoy life and stay active ! I really love guys who can be a bit kinky and do off the wall horny stuff Too.
The beauty here along the Northern California coast is Very inspiring! Great to enjoy it with other fun horny & happy Men! A Positive outlook on Life and making any day Great ...That's what i like and look for and strive toward . Horny Hugs Mike i am in in southern California now in north orange co. Los Alamitos Seal Beach area! i need to put some new pictures up ... i have a full thick Beard and Mustache right now

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