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Born in 1958. 68" / 172 cm, 165 lbs / 75 kg. Meyers-Briggs ISTJ. Navy veteran. Very well-traveled; lived in England for 3 years, the Bahamas for 2, and Saudi Arabia for 9. Avid reader (mainly science fiction, fantasy, spy novels). Well-inked, pierced ears. Non-smoker, social drinker. I like to go out with my friends occasionally, but not really interested in the club/party scene.

I’m a tech writer/editor. Also a part-time photographer; ask for my Flickr link if you’d like to see my work. I'm always looking for interesting faces to shoot portraits.

Sex isn't the most important thing in my life. I do love physical affection, kissing & cuddling. I believe that friendship is the basis for any other personal relationship. Honesty, trust, and communication are three things that can make or break a relationship. I believe that you have to be able to admit when you're wrong, and express your mind without being hurtful. I like to be around friends, but sometimes I need quiet time to myself. It's nice to be with someone who understands the pleasure of being quiet together.

Muscle bears & fit cubs of any ethnicity draw my eye, usually in the 30-55 range. Furry or smooth works for me, whatever is natural to the man wearing it.

A serious expression doesn't mean I'm unfriendly; that's just how my face is built. I really am approachable. I just don't go around smiling for no reason.

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