Mister, 60 years old


: Oakland, CA, United States

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: Single
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Manly and like other men. Not to be mixed with "acting" of any sort. Just as contrived being Straight, butch, femme, or any other. What ever became of just being your self. Let’s just skip
all those unnecessary labels.
And at least have a minimum knowledge of what is going on in the world, we may actually want to chat after fukking.
Prefer single's more often than not, Congrat's to all you married/in relationship/complicated sort's, but that's rarely of interest , and I don't need the comments or snide remarks. Not looking for my next Ex, but not into multi-schedules , yours and mine are hard enough '
Always up to meet socially and take it from there. We can all use a few new friends . Happy hunting

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