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: Fort Lauderdale

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Hey! regular masculine guy, very loveing and easy going, need my man to be that to, hopeing to meet a decent guy who is also relationship oriented as I am, fell into the daddy role early on in my life due to my demeanor, it suites me, but I missed out on haveing a daddy of my own, and thats what I'm hopeing to find, a big sweet muscle daddy to call my own and love and care for, I need a big strong man (as I am) that I can respect and look up to and really feel it when I call him Big Daddy, I want the real thing, to maybe finaly be the son instead of always been the daddy, but that doesn't mean that I wouldn't consider been a daddy for the right "big boy", as much as I would like to explore things from a different angle, I would not say no to a man no matter what the dynamic if the chemistry is right, I usualy prefer men who are taller than I am, usualy, I"m attracted to thicker husky body types, and completely loose for big muscle, softer bellies are nice to

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