Hunter, 32 years old


: Jacksonville

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: Single
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I'm a young professional with a ton of goals I still have yet to accomplish. I work in the finance industry, am Navy veteran, and am currently in school. I would like to think of myself as driven, witty, friendly, kind, a traveler, and someone who is always up for an adventure. I enjoy many things, to many to list, so just ask. FYI: I talk. A lot. My career is my priority right now, but it would be nice to get to know new people and if something happens then something happens. If i happen to meet someone, great, if not i'm here for the journey. I learned long ago to not have expectations and to take everything as it comes at you. Say hi! I don't bite, hard, unless you ask me to. Always smile, you never know whose looking. Oh, I'm definitely into the following things: Leather, travel, music (all kinds), the occasional circuit party, cooking, bike riding (gym stuff in general)

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