Hunter, 26 years old


: Vancouver

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Super new to this sort of thing and still exploring. Pretty curious, but leaning to the simple, sensual and passionate activities.

Also like getting to know people, and like to have good conversations, and learning about a person. Really enjoy a good mix of things: music, history, literature, culture, performance/fine art, not to mention good movies and shows. Love learning about new things in general.

Really attracted to kind, gentle, warm and affectionate daddy/grandaddy-types. So-called "average" looks are somewhat of a big turn-on...there are certain facial compositions that give such a thrill to all my senses and ignites my passions and fantasies.

Can be quite excitable with the right personalities and chemistry. Very interested in sensual and passionate body-contact, especially with giving/receiving nipple and chest play, also cuddling and mutual exploration. Pretty erogenous in most areas, I find.

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