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Desire is instinctual, so enjoy the urge for what it is. Single here, 5’10”, 175#, 33w, br/s&p hair, br eyes, clean shaven, furry legs & a__. I am drop dead average. Versatile, but definitely prefer bottom (told I’m good at it, too!) and HIV neg as of 7/20/18. I’m a nice guy with a good heart - and a dirty mind - who seeks a mature, sensual man interested in passion, intimacy and long, hot, sweaty, body contact. Could that be you? Well then, say "hello” and let's see what happens.

FYI - A free member here - so thank you for "visiting" my profile, but I cannot see who actually checked me out. Therefore, please send me a message, so that I can respond. Honestly, wouldn't you like to receive a friendly note from me in return? After all, it is the gentlemanly thing to do! Enjoy your day...

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