Daddy, 55 years old


: Round Rock, TX, United States

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: Single
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I enjoy meeting new people for friendship, conversation, dinner, working out together, etc.

I enjoy weightlifting, travel, cooking, photography, rollercoasters, amusement parks & my 85 380 SL. I work out at Crunch Gym in Round Rock. Care to join me?

What kind of man do I like? A man who is confident with himself and with those who surround him is great to find. I enjoy going out for dinners, coffee, movies, theatre, etc. I'd enjoy finding a workout partner so we can coach each other to our goals.

My fetishes include leather, neoprene (especially wetsuits and dive gear), rubber, Under Armor and more. My attention is caught by athletic, muscular and solidly-built men; although, I'm not limited to those categories. It is what's inside a man's heart which is the most important.

I am an associate member of the Chicago Hellfire Club and enjoy when I get to visit my club brothers.

Play isn't expected or required for friendship with me. If it does lead to play, at least you know you can't get HIV from me because of my treatment plan. Be careful out there. So many men online lie about their status and testing regimen. There are worse things out there than HIV. Take care of yourself.

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