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: Saint Cloud, FL, United States

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located in the City Beautiful, Orlando, FL.

"Masculine FOR A long term relationship,wanting a relationship, looking for another masculine son. Non-Jealous. drug free and not interested in free loaders. If you CANNOT relocate tel lme right from the start. To easy going, laid back guy, clean cut and very respected in my neighborhood. I have a new 3000 sq ft home with a pool and a small dog. I enjoy the everyday things of life, weekend trips, dinner out,movies etc. If you would enjoy this also and more please feel free to contact me and we will go from there. You will be treated very well and as if you have been in this ltr from day one. Sorry, not looking for overly effeminate men. Sexually I am very passionate and romantic. Not into S&M, bondage, watersports etc. That is not my idea of sex. I am very affectionate at home. If you'd like to contact me, my email is; please put DH Search in subject line. Thanks guys, hope to hear from some of you soon! This has been a long thoughtful process of mine for years. This search is about 3 yrs so far without much success. I am a very strong,loving,caring and thoughtful guy. If you are serious about joining me, please let me know. AND AGAIN........

If you live out of state and are not willing to relocate to florida, let's not all waste our time. ALSO you will pay for your relocation expense and I will reimburse you when you arrive, I am tired of sending money and then no one showing up, that trick is over and done with. Also if something would go wrong and the relationship failed you would not be put out on the street the next day, you would have time to find a place. I will try and have tried to put other pics to no success but will try again. Thank you.
The cabin I am standing in front of is in Bryce Canyon Natl Park while on vacation there, that is NOT my home.

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