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Good humoured fella in London UK. Like to travel, laugh, the ocassional beers. Am a good listener, infact it used to be my job some years ago. Have a lot of interest in people. I like to chat to, share interests, a drink, laughter etc.. However I do not meet just for sex, as it does nothing for me.

Have recently bought a Canon 550D camera which I love. Be great to be in contact with other guys who are interested in photography.

I do not subscribe to this site, so I cannot see your private pixs if you unlock them. Please have a face picture in your message. Thanks for all the gropes and I take it that they do not need a reply. However if you would like a reply then send a message with a face pic. Its the best way, really it is.

As for work have a look at
and yes this really is my job

A footnote.
Sadly, I am unable to help people to flee the oppression of their country, with their vaste fortune that has been put in a secret bank account by their fathers to which I will be entitled to a share off. I couldn't bring myself to accept so much money from such people I would feel soooooooo guilty.

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